Accommodations + Disability Services

Adler University seeks to facilitate an environment where all students thrive academically and professionally. Disability Services within the Office of Student Affairs serves and supports students of the Chicago and Online campuses with disabilities by creating an accessible learning environment, removing barriers that impede full participation, and fostering full inclusion across the Adler community.

Whether you are a current student seeking accommodations or future Adlerian interested in our commitment to inclusivity, you’ll find valuable resources and guidance here.

Please contact Disability Services for more information or resources — we’re here to support all students, faculty, and staff in becoming more accessible and inclusive in theory and practice. 

Disability Services | 312-662-4141

COMING SOON: If you’re looking for Vancouver accommodations, please contact Student Services website.

Icons of different abilities and disability types. Icons are outlined and white in the middle, line is very dark red.

What is an academic accommodation?

An academic accommodation focuses on removing barriers that may prevent a student from participating in a program or meeting the objectives of a course or program.

Accommodation does not make coursework easier for students — it creates equal learning opportunities. 

Students are able to request an accommodation at any time during their program but need to be advised that accommodations cannot be applied retroactively. 

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Automatic captions

Make your virtual meetings more accessible by turning on automatic captions in Zoom. (Learn how with this handy Zoom caption cheat sheet or Zoom caption video. HOSTS needs to enable the option.)

We welcome your feedback and questions. Contact us.

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